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Mommy & Me
  Elaine Barrington, LCSW

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Group Description

Mommy & Me – A Group for New Moms is a great opportunity for weekly support and friendship with other moms during baby's first year. Share experiences and learn about infant development and parenting in a friendly, welcoming space.

We discuss all the big topics - sleep, feeding, bonding, and development, with an additional focus on the big picture…What’s important to you? What kind of parent do you want to be? How has a new baby changed your identity and relationships? The discussions blend neuroscience with practical information so you can make sense of your baby’s experiences. We also sing songs, play, and mindfully observe the babies as they grow, learn, and build relationships with each other and with us.

Elaine presents a variety of perspectives and simplifies the information overload that, despite best intentions, makes many new moms feel overwhelmed, confused, and insecure. These groups are a safe place to explore questions and concerns during your sleep-deprived transition to motherhood. You’ll gain confidence and deepen your connection with your baby while making friends that often last for years to come.

Elaine Barrington, LCSW is a family therapist, parenting consultant, and mom to two daughters. She has 20 years of experience helping parents bond with their babies to create meaningful connections and positive, lifelong relationships. Through support, information, and skill building Elaine encourages parents to find their own voice and embrace the parenting journey with compassion, humility, and joy. Elaine offers mommy groups, parenting workshops, and counseling and consultation for individuals, parents, and families.

Contact Elaine for availability and registration at:
or calling 310-570-8219
10:00am - 11:00am
*ending June 21st


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