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Outside the Box
  Erica Stephenson MA, LCSW, CBPI

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Group Description

"Outside the Box" developmental play groups for babies are distinctively described as one hour, facilitated play groups which focus on multi-sensory stimulation to enhance brain development in infants.

A large emphasis is placed on creating an environment where parents can learn how to identify and read the baby's cues, attach and bond, and participate in exercises and
activities they can continue at home to encourage learning and development. These groups were formed with the philosophy of strengthening the bond between parent and baby.

Many first-time parents are not familiar with ways to entertain, interact, and teach their young infants. The need for groups that are not only fun, but are increasing the amount of brain synapses being activated in a young brain was evident and heard. These groups are
committed to teaching parents ways to teach their babies, so that future learning is easier and more accessible.

Activities that incorporate visual and audio tracking, internal rhythm setting, thought progression, right-brain/left-brain manipulation, fine motor skills, mimicking and
overall brain stimulation, and the use of specifically chosen tools/toys are used. Babies are encouraged to use their voices, interact with other babies, and explore new concepts. Because infants learn by repetition, much of the class content stays the same for adaptation, however, new learning activities and concepts are introduced every week.

This is not your typical "bubble blowing" play group.

Price & Registration
$20 per baby
Contact Octavia for class availability and registration at:
(818) 645-4692


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