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Presence in Parenting
  Erica Stephenson MA, MSW, CBPI

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Group Description

This is a new support group for parents to obtain some advice and a different perspective on some of the issues facing their family while your toddler engages with high quality materials & socializes with peers. Erica will facilitate discussion, including information from recent research in Child Development & Developmental Neurobiology. We observe the children with the materials and each other and discuss their development as we see it unfold week after week as well as discuss topics of interest including how to develop self-esteem, using discipline vs. punishment, effective communication, & understanding how children think.

Erica Stephenson has been working with children and their families for over 15 years. She has a Master of Social Work degree as well as holding a Master's in Human Development and is a certified Breakthrough Parenting® instructor and Reflective Parenting group facilitator. Erica started this Toddler Support Group for Presence in Parenting to meet the needs of parents who have specific issues and questions they would like some help with and to build a stronger community of like minded parents with children the same age.

This is an ongoing group and members can join at anytime. We would love to invite you and your toddler for a free trial.


$20.00/class or 6 for $100
Contact Erica for availability and registration at::
"Toddler Support and Socialization Group"


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