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Stellar Caterpillar
  Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P.

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Group Description

Mastering Milestones and Cultivating Confidence during Baby's First Year

Stellar Caterpillar is a highly developed program which supports baby in motor skill development. Based in the Feldenkrais Method of neuromuscular reeducation and important research in the fields of infant development and neuroscience, these lessons teach parents simple exercises to do at home with baby for ten or fifteen minutes a day. These "Mommy & Me" group classes teach babies their own fantastic ability to be stable, coordinated and confident. Both parents are welcome to attend!

What to Expect in Class:

Each lesson begins with simple activities which help baby to feel her body parts more clearly and serve to calm her at home. These activities are followed with an exercise that is tailored to the precise skill baby will benefit from learning next. It is the skill that her brain and body are ready to do, she just does not know it. As we show her, we witness her first kicks, rolls, or crawls. These hands-on skills are taught to parents for daily practice with baby at home. The skills include bending and straightening the leg, rolling her on her side, and showing her how to open her palm so she can better push her upper body off of the floor. These lessons are playful and baby enjoys them. Lessons often end with a song, while emphasizing the components of speech development while singing to baby.

Please bring to class:
• 2 or 3 favorite rattles or toys
• Dress your baby in layers rather than onesies.
• One of baby's blankets, she will feel more comfortable with the familiarity of it.
• A bottle if baby is bottle fed - often baby is very hungry after or during the lesson.

Donna Eshelman, M.A., G.C.F.P. is a Movement Specialist and founder of Stellar Caterpillar. A respected practitioner, educator and speaker, she is a forerunner in the dynamic and joyful world of skilled movement as it applies to health, wellness and our connection to the world around us.

$15 per baby, $25 for twins
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