1750 Ocean Park Blvd.Suite 206
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Sunday, July 16, 10am-1pm

Complimentary Workshop, a $125 value

A day that's just for YOU!
...don't bring the baby! ;-)

What would your life be like if you loved yourself the way you love your baby?

When you become a parent, your attention naturally shifts to your child and it can be more challenging to prioritize your own self-care. We've also noticed that most new moms don't treat themselves with the same level of compassion and understanding that they give to their babies. Yet becoming a mother is, for many of us, THE most challenging and life-altering experience of our lives! It's the time when we most need the qualities of Grace & Grit to see us through massive changes in every area of our lives. It's also when we need to call upon our community and sisterhood for support to re-envision our lives from an empowering perspective.

Join other new moms (with babies and toddlers, or expecting new moms) for a day of connection, learning, and discovery of the profound gifts and growth that come with new motherhood:

  • Creating deeper fulfillment whether it's within your parenting, or other work you do inside or outside the home
  • Practicing extreme self-care and how to actually put your own oxygen mask on first!
  • Loving the "new you" and discovering your strengths as a mom
  • Embracing perfection in the imperfection, including the messy, the real, and the unexpected joys and bumps of family life
  • Taking your relationship with your partner to the next level with proven communication tools
  • Designing an ideal scene for your life and identifying specific actions that you can take to experience it now
  • Accessing your inner wisdom so you can be your own source of renewal and creative problem-solving

We invite you to spend a fun half-day with us where we'll establish a foundation for loving yourself the way you love your child— wholly and unconditionally so you can truly give of the overflow.

A fulfilled and joyful mother is a blessing to everyone she meets!

*What We're NOT:
Mommy & Me, parenting advice, therapy, or a support group. We are life coaches who partner with new moms in co-creating a life of your dreams, using experiential tools and processes to support accessing your own answers from within. We believe in all of the above types of support for parents (because we take advantage of them ourselves!), but what we love to do and what we're best at is different.

Space is limited. For more information, please contact us at lisapeake@gmail.com


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