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Blissborn Natural Childbirth Educator Training
August 2-5, 2018
Cost: $1,250
Early Bird rate until July 1: $1,050

Blissborn is growing!
Educators are needed in every part of the world.

More details available upon approval.
Other discounts may apply! Contact Laura for more information.

About Teaching Blissborn

Blissborn Hypnosis Educators (BHEs) are among the best-trained hypnosis childbirth educators in the world.

Blissborn provides the methods, principles and materials for you to successfully reveal the secrets that every couple longs to learn about birthing their babies in the most loving, peaceful, comfortable way imaginable. Blissborn also provides support for educators in the form of marketing materials, a positive reputation that creates demand, ongoing personal and professional support, business guidance and regular updates. Success and fulfillment are easy when you join the right program!

Blissborn Philosophy

Blissborn is a childbirth education class emphasizing the power of the mind to create a blissful birth. Once your students learn how to use self-hypnosis, they'll unlock that power for themselves. As you'll soon discover, hypnosis and childbirth are a perfect match. For every challenge childbirth presents, hypnosis has an answer. Blissborn presents simple but powerful techniques to manage the seemingly paradoxical relationship between staying in control and simply allowing birth to happen. These techniques benefit the baby as well, by reducing the causes of distress and helping to create a calmness that often persists well into the first year. They benefit families by deepening the bonds that brought them to this high point in their lives. The result is a class series that not only improves birth, but also improves lives.

Self-hypnosis gives women a safe and natural way to:

Control sensations
Relax deeply
Shorten labor
Honor their instincts
Get in touch with spiritual, emotional and social needs
Deepen the bond with their babies
Release fears and increase confidence
Reprogram expectations
Create a subconscious blueprint for the desired birth
Open eyes and walk around while remaining in hypnosis
Reduce interventions and complications
Speed healing
Reduce postpartum depression

Sign up
Click HERE to go to our secret sign-up page. You have the option to: Pay full price all at once ($1050 before July 15, 2018) Pay 1/2 payment (you will need to make both payments of $525 before July 15, 2018 to get Early Bird Pricing)

Join Blissborn

Your certification fee covers:

  • Your four-day training, led by Laura Wood, founder, and Barbara Harper, founder of Waterbirth International (and SO much more). Approximately 8-10 hours per day plus breaks. This is a well-organized and complete hands-on training. You will learn so much —and it will change your career, the way you think about birth, and the way you think about life! Laura and Barbara are so excited to share these experiences with you.
  • All materials, including your Educator Manual binder (everything you need to know to teach each Blissborn class), your Educator Resources flash drive (including all marketing materials, logos, business card templates, in-class materials, intake forms for your students, all handouts, surveys for your students, the Blissborn Movie, and more), sample Parent Materials, a canvas bag, a due date/class calculator, sample paininducing devices (for testing our Comfort Techniques)... and lots more!
  • Coffee, hot tea, and water, as well as simple snacks
  • Your certification exam
  • Upon passing and completing all requirements, your two-year certification as a Blissborn Educator (BHE)
  • Upon certification, unlimited support as you begin your new practice
  • Upon certification, access to student materials for purchase (to be resold to your students, one set per mother required)

You are responsible for:

  • All travel fees
  • Lodging and all meals (we may be able to set you up with a roommate)

(We will be moving fluidly, so this is just an approximation)

Day 1: Hypnosis 101
8:30 am Meet and greet
9:00 am Get Started!
12:30 Lunch
1:30 pm More information and practice
5:30 pm Day ends

Day 2: Teaching Class 1 and Class 2
9:00 am to 5:30 pm (lunch 1 hour)

Day 3: Leading Class 3
9:00 am to 5:30 pm (lunch 1 hour)

Day 4: Teaching Class 4 and Class 5,
Q&A, Exam and Certification, Photos
9:00 am to 5:30 pm (lunch 1 hour)

If you're scheduling your flight out, you can plan on leaving the training anytime after 5:30 pm. Or stay an extra day or two for fun!

Blissborn FAQ

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